September 6, 2017

The Sept. 6th, 2017 alumni board meeting was called to order by David Mardis, President at 7 pm at alumni gallery. Suzie Rice Yunker read minutes from the May meeting. Approved as read.  JoAnna Williams Thompson gave the treasurer's report. She reported the following scholarship recipients had received their money:  Tessa Ohnemiller, Colten Ward, Lydia Stewart and last year's recipient, Autumn Ferris.  She noted the generous amount of memorial money donated to the alumni association in honor of Dave Lowe.. She also told of the matching funds from KanOkla Telephone of $5000 with our funds made from Alumni Basketball game for a total  of $10,000 to the elementary SCHOOL PLAYGROUND..  Correspondence included Thank You notes from each grade school class thanking us for sponsoring their school trips last spring. Also a thank-you note from graduate John Kern's wife, Cheryl. Memorial money was donated to alumni association in his memory, also.   Other correspondence from Lana Misak Halling, included an update on the postcard mailing.. 1742 postcards were mailed out to CHS alumni with 117 returned with wrong addresses. With KanOkla designing and making these Homecoming postcards, the alumni saved over $500. We encourage alumni to visit our website for more homecoming updates. Other committee reports were given by Cindy Belmear with gallery updates. Lana and Jill Crumbliss were working with banquet caterer, D&M concessions out of Anthony. Decorating for the banquet with the theme of "Follow the Trail Home". was discussed. Jennifer Sturm will check on some ideas.  David appointed Suzie Yunker, Bill Rice and Cindy Belmear for nominating committee. Under new business, the school had asked for some help with grade school healthy snack program as they did not receive their grant this year.. The board voted to donate $500 for the snack program.. The next meeting will be on October 4, 2017 at 7 pm as final plans for the big Homecoming celebration will be finalized.. Meeting adjourned. Attending were David Mardis, Jennifer Sturm, Jill Crumbliss, Lana Halling. Shane Schmidt, Weston Almond, Jo Thompson, Cindy Belmear, Louise McGregor and Suzie Yunker, secretary.