Class Party Information - Homecoming 2018

Class of 2013 - Friday, riding through the parade. Meeting at Alec Webster's house for a barbeque. More plans will be made from there. 

Class of 2008 -Will ride through the parade as a class. We will meet at Skyler Wencel's house, west of the sale barn. 

Class of 2003 - Meet at Debbi Cay's backyard at noon on Friday to decorate the float and practice for the program. We will walk to the program together for the best 15 year program of all time. Meet back at Debbi's to get on the float for the parade. After the parade, cook out and yard games at Debbi's. 

Class of 1998 - Ride through the parade together. Our meeting spot will be The Vault on Main Street. More details to come. 

Class of 1993 -Headquarters will be at the Old Messenger on Main Street. Gathering there at noon Friday, riding through the parade on a totally dope float, then back to the Messenger after the football game. Details on Saturday are being finalized but include more fun at the Messenger after our Rad program. '93 will be the place to be!!

Class of 1988 - Class of '88 will meet Friday at the program at 2:00 p.m. We will ride through the parade, then meet at Joe B's Bar. Will let everyone know about Saturday plans.  

Class of 1983 - Friday October 12th, 2:00 p.m. attend program and sit together at the high school gym. 3:30 meet at the Central Christian Church to ride through the parade. (Kyle Dvorak will have truck and trailer) 7:00 p.m. Attend football game - sit together. Post game party at Sugar Sisters. Saturday October 13th lunch at noon at the Hudson's house. 103 S. Osage. More info. to follow. 

Class of 1978 - If you're planning to attend homecoming contact Chuck Tyler. 620-845-4048. Plan to meet at Chuck's little house. 513 W. Central, Friday around 11:00 A.M. Attend Program together at 2:00 and then line up for the parade about 3:30 at the Christian Church.  

Class of 1973 - 45 year class will meet Friday at the program and take in the normal festivities. On Saturday, meet for brunch at the Sugar Sisters at 10:00 A.M.

Class of 1968 - 50 year class will meet at Sugar Sister's Friday and Saturday. We will be presenting a program after the banquet Saturday night. 

Class of 1963 - 

Class of 1959 - We will be meeting at the Presbyterian Church on Friday and Saturday.

Class of 1958 - Our 60 year class has reserved the Methodist Church basement for our activities. We want to include all surviving graduates (28 of 40), anyone who spent some school classmate years with us along the journey, and surviving spouses, children, grands, etc. to help us re-live a wonderful era.  We hope to fill our "buckets" and want lots of visitors to join us. Contact Larry Rader for more information.

Class of 1954- Meet for lunch and fellowship at the Senior Center on October 13th and 11:00 A.M. Contact Ken Newkirk. or 573-286-6304

Class of 1953 -

Debbi Cay at The Shooting Gallery will be taking class photos on the stage in the Christian Church during line-up for the Homecoming parade. Contact her at and let her know your class is taking a pic. She will get you an order and payment packet to pass around. 5x7 photos mailed to you for $9 each.